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Earth Science Review for Final Part 1

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1.a map that uses countour lines and symbols to represent the surface features of Earth (ch 3) (2 words)
3.a break in the lithosphere where movement has occurred (ch 10)
5.the most common minerals on Earth that consists of oxygen and silicon (ch 5)
10.the layer of mantle that the lithospheric plates float on (ch 4)
11.magma that reaches Earth's surface (ch 9)
12.a long mountain chain and rift valley found along divergent boundaries on the ocean floor (ch 8) ( 3 words)
15.the place on Earth's surface above the focus of an earthquake (ch 10)
19.the imaginary line that marks 180 degrees longitude (ch 3) (2 words)
20.the biogeochemical cycle of carbon through the Earth system (ch 1) (2words)
21.the most violent type of volcano that is formed from layers of hardened lava and pyroclastic material (ch 9)
22.the physical features of Earth's surface (ch 3)
24.the name of the supercontinent of Earth where all the land was connected (ch 8)
27.the type of rock that is formed from the compaction and cementation of sediments (ch 6)
32.a naturally occurring inorganic solid with a distinct chemical composition and crystalline structure (ch 5)
33.the term that describes when an oceanic plate moves beneath another plate at a convergent boundary (ch 8)
34.the spinning of a body, such as Earth, on its axis (ch 4)
35.a substance's (such as lava) resistance to flow (ch 9)
37.the equal division of Earth's surface into northern and southern or eastern and western halves (ch 3)
38.the type of boundary where two plates are moving apart (ch 8)
40.the point at which the first movement occurs during an earthquake (ch 10)
41.the repeated series of events in which rock changes between the three different types (ch 6) (2 words)
42.a large, broad volcano with gently sloping sides that is formed from basaltic lava flows (ch 9)
2.the theory that the lithosphere is divided into plates that move over the asthenosphere (ch 8) (2 words)
4.the imaginary lines that run vertically from the north pole to the south pole (ch 3)
6.a large, crater shaped basin formed after the top of a volcano collapses (ch 9)
7.the type of rock that forms as a result of heat and pressure (ch 6)
8.hot molten rock found within the Earth (ch 6)
9.all the water that is found on Earth in any form or location (ch 1)
13.the type of boundary where two plates are moving together (ch 8)
14.the imaginary horizontal lines that encircle Earth and indicate distances north or south of the equator (ch 3)
16.the instrument that detects and records earthquake waves (ch 10)
17.loose rock and soil that takes on the propert of a liquid due to severe ground shaking (ch 10)
18.the outer shell of Earth that consists of the crust and uppermost mantle (ch 4)
23.the imaginary line that represents zero degrees latitude (ch 3)
25.the movement of one body around another, such as Earth in its orbit around the sun (ch 4)
26.the gaseous envelope of air that surrounds Earth (ch. 1)
28.the measure of the amount of energy released in an earthquake (ch 10)
29.contains all the life on Earth (ch 1)
30.the continuous circulation of water through Earth's spheres (ch 1) (2 words)
31.a name for the system of Earth that includes the rocks, land, layers of Earth (ch 1)
36.the type of rock that is formed by the cooling and hardening of magma (ch 6)
39.a solid mixture of minerals (ch 6)

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