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The Lightning Thief - Movie Version

1 2 3     4  
    6 7  
          9 10
  11                 12        
15   16     17                
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3.Percy is able to control this element
5.Another name for children of the gods
8.Medusa's hair is made of these
11.The ferryman to the Underworld must be paid in these coins
12.Grover earns these and becomes a "real" protector
14.Luke gives Percy a shield and this "gift" from his father
15.Percy's mortal mother
17.Goddess of Love
19.Hade's wife; saves Percy and the others from Hades
21.Percy's friend and protector
22.Betrays Percy and the others by stealing the thunderbolt
23.Lord of the Underworld
26.Name of the camp for children of the gods
27.Poseidon's three-pronged spear
28.This monster has many heads
1.Percy is named after this Greek hero
2.Lord of the Sea
4.Olympus is located above this famous landmark
6.Luke is the son of this Messenger god
7.Lord of the Sky
9.The lightning bolt has been hidden in this weapon
10.Athena's daughter
13.The characters must collect these in order to return from the Underworld
15.Grover is this type of creature (half animal & half human)
16.This flower causes the characters to lose track of time
18.Mr. Brunner is a centaur named this
20.One look from Medusa will turn people to this
24.Goddesss of Wisdom
25.Ms. Dobbs (the substitute teacher) changes into one of these

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