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Civics Exam Review: Ch 16 The Civil War

Mr. Pencil

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1.The Gettysburg ??? inspired Northerners to keep fighting
4.Lincoln suspended ??? corpus for critics of the war
9.??? Courthouse was the last battle and the site of Lee's surrender to Grant
10.women served as ??? in hospitals on both sides
11.The Battle of ??? was the most important victory for the North and turned the war in favor of the North
2.The ??? Proclamation freed slaves in the current Confederate states as a "war measure"
3.Sherman's "March to the ???" cut Georgia in half
5.Ulysses Grant and William Tecumseh ??? were Lincoln's key generals later in the war
6."Hold the ??? together" was Lincoln's main goal in 1861
7.rich people could get out of the ??? if they paid $300
8.a very accurate ??? and a new bullet called the minnie ball was the most dangerous weapon of the war

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