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Greek Mythology

Sam Baron

1 2
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      7 8
10                     11         12
  18   19                  
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5.River where the spirits of the dead's hopes and dreams flow
6.Place where above average, or successful spirits go after death
9.Place where average spirits go after life
10.Famous war including a giant wooden horse
11.A creature with the ability to turn people to stone
13.A famous epic, or long poem that was written by Homer
15.Man who gave gifts to animals
16.Half man and half goat creature
19.Man responsible for giving fire to humans
21.Creature that is half man and half horse
23.A locked Box filled with many bad creatures
24.Hero responsible for killing the "Gorgon" sisters
1.Garden guarded by a dragon
2.Female deity associated with nature
3.A famous writer of Greek Mythology, also the name of a hero
4.Half man and half bull creature
7.Place where all spirits go after death
8.Important, and immortal beings that created the world
12.Warrior who's only weakness was his heel
13.Hero who was self sacrificial to slay a beast
14.Famous Architectural structure at the top of the Greek Acropolis
17.Hero responsible for slaying the Nemean lion
18.Brave men that embarked on quests and usually had great success
20.Hero responsible for retrieving golden apples
22.Titan punished to hold the sky up eternally

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