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ESL crossword

Jade Cranton

1 2     3 4
  5               6  
11 12                  
    15 16
  17                   18 19  

1.An animal that is hunted by other animals for food
5.A biological process by which new "offspring" individual organisms are produced from their "parents"
8.A change that a living thing goes through so it can survive in its environment
9.An animal that hunts other animals for food
10.An area of land that is either permanently or seasonally under water
12.Back bone and spinal cord
13.Have 2 legs and 2 wings and are covered in feathers
14.The natural world of the land, sea and air
17.An ordered arrangement of animals and plants in which each feeds on the other below the chain
20.The cycle that happens naturally from birth to death
21.When 2 different types of plants or animals live in harmony in the same eco system.
22.cold-blooded animals that develop in 2 stages. Starting as aquatic gill breathing larval and devolving into lung breathing adults
23.A group of animals, plants, any organisms that are the same, meaning they can reproduce.
2.Are cold blooded with scales or scaly skin
3.All living things, plants, animals, insects
4.The protection and management of an eco system
6.Strive to be low impact and small scale in order to protect and conserve the habitat
7.Give birth to live young and have covered in fur or hair with nails or claws
11.Mammals that young suckle in their mothers pouch
14.An environment consisting of all organisms living in a particular area including all living and non-living things.
15.Have 6 legs and antennas
16.The place and natural condition in which a plant or animal lives.
18.reproduction of a species
19.Another word for water

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