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Street Law Final Exam Review


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4.What should not take place before reading the Miranda rights
5.Entry onto another person's property without permission
12.Saying something against yourself
13.Plead not guilty
14.A court order which requires one to do a specific act
15.The rule that prohibits use of illegally seized evidence in court
19.Signing someone elses name as your own
22.Sexual assault by someone known by the victim
24.Advertisement technique
25.Oral statements that harm a person's reputation
28.Hacking is an example of __________
29.Killing an enemy soldier in war =
30.Advertisement technique: __________ Approach
32.Shooting and killing someone is an example of ________
33.Individual who issues a search warrant
34.The unauthorized use of anothers patent or copyright
38.Illegal substance
39.Another term for trial
42.Larceny, vandalism, and burglary all deal with ______
43.Being wrongfully confined against ones will
44.Another name for crime
45.Legal document permitting a search
46.Advertisement technique: Seeing is _____
47.Offering a fake check as a real check is an example of ___
48.Advertisement technique: _______ Approach
49.File charges
1.Removal of items from a store
2.Willful and malicious burning =
3.Intentional act causing harmful or offensive contact
4.Action taken that deliberately harms another person or property
6.Sex with someone who is under the legal age of consent
7.Protecting ones own interests
8.Reasonable belief that a person committed a crime
9.Money or property put up to assure the defendant returns to court
10.Murder that is premeditated and done with malice
11.Unreasonable interference with the use or enjoyment of one's property
16.Money given to the plantiff to punish the wrongdoer
17.Type of lawsuit where a large group of people file lawsuit
18.Taking a person into custody
20.A man who mugs a person in an alley has committed _____
21.By driving a motor vehicle one agrees to submit to DUI tests
23.Money given to a plantiff to make up for harm caused
26.The sentence
27.Decision made by judge or jury
31.Advertisement technique: Claims of ________
35.Unlawful control of another persons property
36.Law made by judges through court issues
37.Committing a crime, but saying you were persuaded to do it is ______
40.Guilty plea
41.Rights read to individual upon arrest

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