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The Great British Quiz


A quiz about Blighty

1 2 3
  7 8                  
10             11   12                
      13   14 15         16               17
            18   19                
          21     22  
24   25                          
26         27               28  
29         30    
  31           32     33              
35               36 37 38                        
41   42          
  43                       44          
46 47             48         49  
50         51                    
  53           54      

4.A Devonshire cake you have with tea
5.An English sport
8.Trafalgar Square
10.A famous medieval English writer
12.Where Prince Charles lives
15.A popular Scottish / Irish fabric
16.A very famous old university
18.The name of the Queen's residence
20.A county with a red rose as its symbol
23.A famous Glasgow football team
25.A cake you eat at Easter
26.Mountainous area in Scotland
29.A popular English beverage
33.Posh area in London
35.A famous London department store
38.A famous London store where the Queen shops
39.A kind of Scottish beef steak
40.Early British republican
43.The surname of the inventor of the steam engine
44.Northern English term for roll / sandwich
45.A hereditory title
47.A famous hotel in London
48.Surname of the Royal family
50.You eat this with chips and mushy peas
51.A city that has a sauce named after it
53.Small coin
54.A posh English sport
55.UK currency
1.The Newcastle dialect
2.The surname of the inventor of Penicillin
3.A spa town
5.A small country home
6.A royal event
7.The name of a British Queen
9.Where the UK parliament is located
10.A famous London football team
11.A British Prime Minister
13.A famous yet tacky seaside town
14.British English for U-Bahn
17.The capital of Scotland
19.Former British colonies
22.A famous Scottish writer
24.A lady Prime Minister
27.A Scottish city by the North Sea
28.Pickled English mustard
30.Ship that went to America
31.An island off the French coast
32.A court of law
34.Most south-westerly English county
36.The most northern Scottish island
37.England's biggest county
40.The London dialect
41.The language spoken in Wales
42.A famous London football team
43.Liverpool speech
46.Scotsmen wear this instead of trousers
49.Where Oxford University is found
52.Nickname for the Conservative Party

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