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2010 IRS Form 5498

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11   12       13              

3.We are required to advise the customer that we will be reporting to the ___ that they are required to take an RMD
6.Are always reported to the IRS on both a 1099-R and 5498
8.The IRA sponsor must report IRA contributions to the IRS and the
9.The filing deadline for IRS Form 5498 is May _____ 2011 (2 Words)
11.The one-rollover-per-year rule does not apply to this type of transaction. (2 Words)
1.Are sometimes used as substitute forms to report a customers FMV (3 Words)
2.If a Form 5498 was ommited, File the omitted form as an original and NOT a ______
4.The receiving IRAs must report all amounts of these transactions in Box 2 of IRS Form 5498
5.A transfer between two like IRAs is a ______Transaction
7.Through the _______ Federal/State Filing program, the IRS will forward copies to State agencies for the institution
10.The instructions to the 2010 Form 5498 indicates that an amount that is converted be repoted in Box 3 _____ in Box 2
12.Are never reported on the same Form 5498 as Traditional IRAs
13.A Form 5498 helps Discover Bank report eah IRA owner who is required to take a ____

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