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Latin language

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1.finish the saying POST...
5.the meaning of the words; tabula rasa
7.the latin equivalent of the word WATER
9.he wanted to return latin language to classical norms
11.the latin equivivalent of the verb TO WRITE
12.the latin equivalent of the verb to read
14.the place where latin language was born
15.the latin equivalent of the word STAR
2.the latin equivalent of the verb TO SHOW
3.the name of Cicero
4.the latin equivalent of the words PAY ATTENTION
6.finish the saying CITIUS, ALTIUS,....
8.the latin equivalent of the verb TO PUNISH
9.begin the saying: .....aspera ad astra
10.the author of the words: Epistula non erubescit
11.the latin equivalent of the word school
13.finish the saying: DE ....
16.the english equivalent of the latin word ET

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