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Legal Latin


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1.in place of the parent: in ______ parentis
4.Latin for 'in chambers' : in _________
5._________ pro quo
8.as a favor: ex _________
9.the 'way' of operating: ________ operandi
11.non compos mentis is the legal definition of _____________
16.after death (sometimes referring to an autopsy) post ________
18.caveat emptor: let the buyer __________
20.my responsibility: mea ________
21.2 words: pro _______________ (for the public good)
23._________ contendere: 'I do not wish' to contest the charges
24.pro _________: for the time being
25.Latin for 'elsewhere'
26.the full Latin of "vs."
28.written law is Lex ________
2.body or evidence of the crime: _________ delicti
3.on first appearance, circumstantial evidence: ________ facie
4.Corpus Juris __________: The Body of Civil Law
6.ex _______ facto: a law passed after the fact
7.the minimum number established before a group can conduct or vote on business
10.a mensa et toro: means a legal separation or ____________
12.a Latin and English word meaning 'He has sworn an oath'
13.according to the rule or law: de ________
14.2 words: in flagrante delicti means 'caught ________________'
15.in good faith: bona _______
17.according the the fact or reality: de ________
19.___________ corpus: protection against illegal imprisonment
22.subpoena means under _________ of law
23.common law is Lex _____ Scripta
27.Latin word for 'the matter or thing itself'

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