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Polymers - Natural And Synthetic

Jatin Aggarwal

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1.A example that can show that nylon fiber is very strong
3.The polymer formed from monomer Ester is called
4.First fully Synthetic fiber formed without using any natural raw material
8.the type of plastic do not melt even when burn at high temperature
12.Mixture Of polyester and wool
13.also known as artificial wool
15.Mixture of Terylene and cotton
16.Coating done on Non Stick cookwares
17.Arrangement in Thermosetting plastivs
18.Fibers Obtained from natural materials are known as
1.The name given to the chemical reaction that joins the repeating units together to form polymer is known as
2.the raw material for making plastic come from
5.Arrangement in Thermo plastic
6.The polymer formed from monomer ethene is called
7.From which monomer cotton is formed
8.the type of plastic that can be heated and reshaped
9.plastics that are fire proof
10.fibers obtained by chemical processing of petrochemicals are known as
11.Group of monomer to form
14.Also known as artificial silk

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