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Chapters 3-9 Review

Mrs. McGuire

Reviewing terms for the final exam

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50           51                      
  54           55        

2.capacity to think sound
4.short, showy tune usually written for brass
5.vocal ranges
7.ballroom dance that originated in Cuba
9.vertical blocks of different tones that sound simultaneously
13.Latin American dance performed at a moderately slow, walklike tempo
14.a musician who reworks preexisting musical material
19.highest male voice
20."grabber" phrase of a song, often accompanies the title words of the song
22.athletic dance that includes kicks and inward leg rotations (popular during the 1920s)
23.a musical form in which a melodic idea is stated then varied
24.the craft of putting together sounds to create a musical work
25.distance between the lowest and highest pitches of the voice
26.vocal improvisation with nonsense syllables
28.juxtaposing 2 or more different rhythms
29.the way sounds are woven together
30.jazzy dance in which couples swing, balance, and twirl
31.rhythmic Latin American dance with the basic pattern of 3 steps and a shuffle
32.step dance in which foot movements produce audible rhythms
38.musical group with several violins, trumpets, large bass guitar, and special 5 and 6 string guitars
40.sequence of 8 pitches built on the pattern of WHWWHWW
41."beautiful singing" style of singing used in opera
42.low male range
44.free treatment of tempo
45.musical style distinguished by its reliance on improvisation
47.controls the listener's sense of how much time has passed
49.special rhythmic character that jazz musicians add to the music
50.a connective part of the composition
51.low female register
52.high female register
53.director of an orchestra, choir, or other performing group
54.African-Brazilian dance that is faster and jazzier than the tango
55.high male range
1.repeated musical figure
2.characterized by a heightened sensitivity to the content, form, or emotional impact of an artistic work
3.listening to and appreciating a musical work for its full range of technical and expressive properties
6.medium male range
7.a certain number of beats grouped together
8.in unison with everyone sounding the same pitch or octave at the same time
10.medium female register
11.deliberate shifts of the accent so that it conflicts with the steady beat
12.spontaneous musical invention
15.cooperative musical expression
16.measure or 2 where everyone stops playing except the soloist
17.electronic device capable of producing sounds in any range, tone quality, and volume
18.sequence of eight pitches built on the pattern of WWHWWWH
21.light and flexible soprano voice
23.arrangements of music transferred from one medium to another
27.distance in pitch between two notes
33.singing without instrumental accompaniment
34.refined style of classical dance, emphasizes grace and verticality of body
35.a performer with brilliant, flawless technique
36.emphasis placed on a musical sound
37.dance music created by Mexicans in Texas
39.division of beats into defined groups by a barline
40.key change
43.an extended work for orchestra with several contrasting movements
46.hearing related
48.genre of African American music expressing frustration, sadness, or longing
49.a sequence of tones arranged in rising pitches

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