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Mellissa Carter

2   3 4
  5 6                
        7     8
9                 10
13                         14       15    
16 17 18     19 20                 21
23                       24              
      26       27                          
  30       31
32 33 34                       35  
    37   38   39               40 41        
42               43                    
45                     46      
    47                 48          

6.Compressed burned wood used for drawing
7.Color plus WHITE
9.Visual sense of wholeness
11.Color sceme using adjoing colors
13.Arrangement of the parts of an artwork
14.Irregular shape
20.Any method of working with materials
23.An outdoor scene
24.Up and down in your field of vison
26.Having length, width and depth (2 words) (2 Words)
28.Darkening an area to create a three-dimensional effect
29.Color plus BLACK
34.Color made by mixing a primary and a secondary
38.Art that looks like nature
40.Balance based on a circle
42.Cool Colors______________
44.Reproduction of a person's image
45.Advertising art (2 Words)
47.Color made by mixing two primary colors
48.Arrangement of the art elements.
1.Across your field of vision
2.Lightness or darkness of a color
3.A color plus GRAY
4.Red, blue, and yellow
5.Repeating visual elements
8.Having only length and width (2 words) (2 Words)
10.Color schem using values of a single color
12.Non-identical balance
15.Black, white, gray
16.Line that shows the outer or inner edged of object.
17.Art that does not look like nature
18.Quality of what you do.
19.Art of designing buildings
21.Reproduction or likeness of something
22.Line, color, shape, form, texture and space
25.Look and feel of a surface
27.Where two things meet.
28.Identical balance
30.Unique solutions/ways of seeing things
31.An arrangement of objects is a _______-life
32.Regular shape
33.Area enclosed by a line
35.A place that exhibits art
36.Three-dimensional art
37.Shape and size of a drawing surface
39.Communication with visual images
41.Warm colors____________
43.Wavelengths of light
46.Path of a moving point

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