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Words used during our recent studies.

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5.Coo – a baby sheep! Also a measure of charge.
9.Some bright ____ has taken my battery.
10.These get transferred when you rub plastic with a cloth (or a balloon on your head...).
12.Measures potential difference.
13.Unlike a bulb these have a nice straight line current – voltage graph.
15.What gets carried round the circuit.
16.Same word also means a part of some plants. Does that throw any light on the answer?
17.Measure of potential difference.
19.You need these to connect up a circuit.
1.Where Electrons get their Pizza’s from!
2.Buses used to have these before they became driver-only. Orchestras still have them, So do circuits.
3.Safety device that melts when its working properly!
4.Measures current.
5.Sounds a bit like a dried fruit, but its got lots of electrons flowing by.
7.No, not a warm blanket or quilt. Same word though.
11.Round and round we flow in the _________ .
14.It doesn’t move much and can give you a really bad hair day!
18.Home sweet ‘Ome.

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