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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


How well do you know the power rangers? Are you a true fan? Try your luck at this crossword puzzle. (just mighty morphin)seasons 1-3

1 2
  3   4
5 6               7        
  8       9  
12               13        
16             17        
20     21        
22 23       24            
25         26          

5.Funny, smart talking robot
7.Ranger who goes to the World Summit
8.Transfer student and one of the rangers
10.The roughest, toughest villan in the universe
11.Zord in the form of an ancient creature
12.Intergalactic Being and wise man to the power rangers
13.Wise-cracking birdbrain
14.Police Instructor to Bulk and Skull
16.Hateful queen who gets a headache everytime after losing
18.Bulk's best friend and weirdo(sometimes)
19.Zord in the form of a cat
20.The cute gymanstis
23.Bully with nothing else to do but pick on everyone else
24.Made out of clay and stupidity
25.Started out evil, then became a ranger, then lost his powers, then gained new powers
26.Claims he's the best fighting warrior for Zedd and Rita
1.White Ranger's Weapon
2.Lair for the power rangers
3.When all zords are brought together, they form this fighting machine
4.Owns the juice bar in Angel Grove
6.Thinks he's the lord of all evil
9.Rita and Rito's Father
15.Leader of the mighty morphin rangers
17.Monster who eats everything in sight
21.Smart nerd who invents stuff for the rangers
22.Rita's dumb brother and monster who destroyed the Thunderzords

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