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#101.06 Electrical Emergencies

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.Do not approach the fence with your arms extended and fingers pointing _____
5.Approach the fence with your arms extended and the back of your hands facing forward. If the fence is energized, the current will cause you to be repelled _____
7.Do not attempt to move a downed wire with a _____ tool or implement!
10.In fact, do not attempt to _____ downed wires at all unless you are specially trained and equipped with tools rated for voltages greater than those present.
11.Have your _____ inform the power company of the exact location of the accident and the number of the power pole
13.Discourage ambulatory accident _____ from leaving their vehicles until conductors that are either touching or surrounding the wreckage can be de energized
15.Depending on the distances between poles, the _____ zone may be as large as 600' x 1500'
1.Do not _____ either the vehicle or the transformer case, even if there is evidence that service to surrounding structures has been disrupted
2._____ poles are sometimes used to support conductors of as much as 500,000 volts
3.Do not _____ away any oil that has leaked from the transformer
4.Just how much chain link fence is energized by a downed electrical conductor depends on a number of factors including the voltage, the amount of moisture in the ground, and the manner in which the fence posts are _____
6.In an _____ situation when a pole is broken and wires are crossed, every conductor supported by the pole may be carrying the highest voltage available
8.Park your vehicle where it will not be endangered if the transformer _____ or leaks burning oil
9._____ do not always blow and circuit breakers do not always open when power distribution lines go directly to the ground
12.___ mounted transformers step down primary voltages in areas power is received and distributed over underground circuits
14._____ or dam it with sand or dirt so that it cannot flow away from the scene

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