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46                       47                      
      48         49  

1.is a mutual electrical attraction between the nuclei and valance electrons of different atoms that bonds the atom together
3.has a fixed composition and differs from a mixture
6.when a single compound undergoes a reaction that produces two or more simpler substances
8.collisions between gas particles and between particles and container walls
10.is based on the idea that particles of matter are always in motion
12.the attractive forces between gas particles are insignificant, gas particles glide easily past one another
14.the species that is formed when Bronsted Lowry base gains proton
15.gases do not have a definite shape or a definite volume
16.a reaction where the ions of two compounds exchange places in an aqueous solution
18.do not depend on the amount of matter present
19.is defined as the force per unit area on a surface
23.abbreviated N
25.is a mixture where the particles in the solvent are so large that they settle out if not constantly mixed
26.depend on the amount of matter that is present
33.a fond that results from the sharing of electron pairs between two atoms
34.contains the maximum amount of solute that can disolve
37.a gas that behaves completely according to the assumption of the KMT
38.the constant R
40.a system of naming
42.is the maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in a specific amount of solvent, usually 100g
43.an acidic that contains only two different elements hydrogen and one of the more electronegative elements
44.a charged group of covalently bonded atoms
46.is a substance that conduct electricity
47.uniform in composition
48.is an acid that is a compound of hydrogen, oxygen and the third element, usually nonmetal
50.the ability of a substance to be drawn, pulled or extruded through a small opening to produce wire
2.a reaction where a substance combines with oxygen, releasing a large amount of energy in the form of light and heat
4.a reaction where one element replaces a similar element in a compound
5.does not contain all the solute that could dissolve
7.acids that are weak electrolytes
9.these short-ranged, proton-neutron, proton-proton, and neutron-neutron forces hold the nuclear particles together
11.is a process in which gas particles pass through a tiny opening
13.are atoms of the same element that have different masses
17.device used to measure atmospheric pressure
20.compound that increases the concentration of OH- ions in solution
21.compound that increases the concentration of H+ ions in solution
22.a chemical reaction where two or more substances combine to form a new compound
24.not uniform throughout
27.during compression, the gas particles which are initially very far apart, are crowded closer together
28.the ability of a substance to be hammered or beaten down into thin sheets
29.a gas that does not behave completely according to the assumption of the KMT
30.the substances that react in chemical change
31.the density of a substance in the gaseous state is about 1/1000 the density of the same substance in the liquid or solid state
32.the species that remains after Bronsted Lowry acid has given up a proton
35.bonding by the electrical attraction of cations and anions
36.such spontaneous mixing of the particles of two substances caused by their random motion
39.is one that ionizes completely in aqueous solution
41.volume and pressure are inversly proportional
45.is a mixture between a solution and a suspension where particles are intermediate in size
49.result when there is an imbalance of electrons and protons in an atom, eighther by losing or gaining electrons

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