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Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation

Sally Payne

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4.Genetic predispositions, psychological coping styles, learned habits, etc. (2 Words)
6.Stage of sleep where integration of experience occurs
7.This is 30% higher among people who sleep less than 6 hours a night (2 Words)
8.Stressful events, illness, environmental disturbances, drugs, etc. (2 Words)
9.Low levels of this drug are relaxing, but high levels may inhibit sleep
11.Although not their primary use, this can help insomniacs whose insomnia is also accompanied by depression or anxiety disorders
15.Insomnia that may be caused by an anxiety disorder, sleep phase delay, or poor sleep hygiene (2 Words)
21.A treatment that involves TRYING to stay awake (2 Words)
23.Problems with one's internal sleep clock (3 Words)
25.The best type of approach to the treatment of insomnia, combining both medication and behavioural reconditioning (2 Words)
26.Drug that causes a rebound, makes you initially drowsy but later aroused
27.Whether or not an environment is conducive to sleep (2 Words)
28.Exhausted feeling, not removed well by rest (2 Words)
29.This helps people whose minds are crowded with racing or worrisome thoughts (2 Words)
1.Feeling drowsy when slowed down, after adequate rest (3 Words)
2.Insomnia which only last for a few nights
3.A natural neurotransmitter secreted in response to darkness, low levels frequent in insomniacs
5.Mentally conditioned anxiety or arousal at bedtime, poor sleep hygiene, chronically stressed lifestyle, etc. (2 Words)
10.Insomnia which lasts for a period of less than 3 weeks (2 Words)
12.Reinforcing the bed as a sleep stimulus by limiting any non sleep behaviour is known as _______ _______. (2 Words)
13.An essential part of life, but can be harmful in some cases (2 Words)
14.Drug that inhibits the neurochemistry of sleep, disturbs natural chemical balances that promote sleep
16.Often caused by inadequate time in bed, but may also be caused by poor sleep quality (2 Words)
17.If you do not get enough sleep, your ________ ________ stops functioning as it should (2 Words)
18.Possibly caused by a medical problem, or depression (2 Words)
19.Chronic insomniacs are four times as likely to have this (2 Words)
20.Most common cause is depression, but may also be due to aging (2 Words)
22.People with insomnia have 35 times the rate of ________
24.Insomnia that lasts for at least 3 weeks consistently

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