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Chapter 14

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3.the net worth of a spouse on the valuation date.
4.property owned by one spouse that is not used for a family purpose; the non-owning spouse does not make any direct contributions to the property.
7.an agreement between partners in an intimate relationship specifying their rights and obligations.
11.the act of living together in an intimate relationship without being married.
12.the home in which the spouses ordinarily reside during their marriage.
13.financial assistance paid by one spouse to another after separation.
14.a domestic contract between two unmarried people who are living together in a common law relationship.
15.property owned by one or both spouses and ordinarily used for family purposes.
1.a system whereby each spouse owns and controls property as though a single person.
2.the process of dicing the value of property equally between spouses when they divorce.
5.property owned by the spouses during their marriage.
6.a domestic contract between a separating couple.
8.another term for spousal support.
9.a domestic contract between two married people or a couple who plan to marry.
10.to be able to support oneself financially.

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