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Basic Crisis Intervention Skills

Jennifer Brost

Learn basic helping skills to help those encountering a crisis

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2.Used only in regard to behavior; encouragement that what was done was a good thing to do
6.Reassure your listener that you get, on some level how they are feeling even though you cannot possibly understand their entire experience
7.Asking person to make a commitment to desired behaviors
9.When client is in danger of hurting self and/or others, the helper shares their assessment of behavior
10.Letting the person know how you want to be treated
1.Restating what someone has said in your own words while summarizing the content that has been shared
3.These questions usually elicit "yes" or "no" answers. These begin with do, did, does, can, have, had,will, are, is, and was
4.It is helpful to admit helper confusion/fault rather than pretend you know everything
5.Questions that ask "What" or "How" or ask for more clarification and details
8.Using "I statements" to show express how the helper is feeling

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