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1           2   3 4
7       8 9
10                                 11
12   13                      
15                       16          
    17     18     19  
      21         22
24     25       26       27            
29                         30            

1.The Alpha male of the wolf pack
5.Where Bella's mum lives
6.The picture on Eclipse's book front cover
10.Which vampire clan consist of Laurent,Victoria and James?
13.Which vampire always looks 'as if he's in pain?'
14.Where Bella lives with her dad
15.Bella Swan's School
18.The tracker who Bella meets in her Ballet Studio
20.Which vampire was born in 1901?
21.Jasper & Rosalie's second name
24.The amount of books the Twilight Saga is
26.The vampire Royal Family
29.She can see the future
30.What job Carlisle has
31.The Twilight Saga authour
32.Mike's last name
2.The actress who plays Esme
3.Bella's eye colour
4.Bella's daughter
7.The colour of Bella's truck
8.The only girl of the wolf pack
9.Bella's dad
11.Which animal appears at the start of Twilight?
12.What Edward does in sunlight
16.The person who is the oldest vampire of the Cullen Clan
17.He reads minds and is Bella's boyfriend
19.Rosalie's "Monkey Man"
22.What Jacob Black is
23.Where Bella & Edward go on their honeymoon
25.Bella's mum
27.The red-headed vampire after Bella
28.The car Edward drives

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