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Celestial Bodies

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3.75% hydrogen, 23% helium, 2% oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and silicate dust.
6.Unofficially recognized star groupings.
12.A rapidly spinning star about 30 km in diameter.
13.The second form of a Sun-like star.
15.Cold, dark star in it's last stage of life.
16.A famous part of the constellation Ursa Major.
17.The second stage of a massive star.
1.A type of galaxy shaped like an egg or football, and is composed mostly of old stars.
2.Celestial bodies formed in nebulae.
4.Groupings of millions or billions of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity.
5.A shrunken star after the fusion reaction stops in a giant.
7.A type of galaxy with no notable shape and tends to be the smallest type.
8.Highly dense remnant of a star with intense gravity.
9.There are 88 of these recognized by the International Astronomical Union.
10.Grows to become a supergiant.
11.And ongoing shock wave from an exploded star.
14.A type of galaxy with long, curved arms radiating from the centre. The arms tend to have young stars and the centre has older stars to provide bright light.

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