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Landlord and Tenant Law

Steph, Kayla, Angela

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  5 6                    
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    15               16

1.Illegal to get a tenant to leave
6.Rental of property that expires on a specific date
7.Allows landlord to regain possession (3 Words)
9.Party that rents the property
10.A property owner allowing use of property for payment
11.Landlords cannot enter without
12.The sum of money paid at the beginning of a tenancy (2 Words)
13.Tenant is always responsible for pay the (3 Words)
15.Rental of property for a regular period of time
17.Responsibility of the landlord for the tenant
18.Place a landlord or tenant may resolve a broken agreement
19.A landlord cannot deny a
2.Notice given if rent is not paid
3.The right to your rental property without interference (2 Words)
4.Tenants who do not have the right to sublet reside in (2 Words)
5.If the tenant leaves the house this is also called (3 Words)
8.Situation when landlord can terminate tenancy (2 Words)
14.The contract between landlord and tenant
16.Renters are ________ to cover everyone in the house

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