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Bekah's Science


An astronomy puzzle for middle school

1           2         3
5   6 7 8    
    9           10 11                  
        12     13
14           15                        
17           18   19        
21           22        
23           24                          
  25     26  
27     28   29         30                 31  
        33 34   35    
36     37                 38   39            
40       41                 42              
44   45                      
46           47         48          
        50     51        
52         53        
54                     55

1.communities who poisoned early earth
4.left side of an HR
5.inactive helium core, hydrogen fusion still going
9.India's star star gazer
11.I bubble heat
14.hydrogen atoms do this to make helium and energy
15.seasons come and go, but our stars remain
19.eclipse that only happens in a full moon
21.on the moon, I can make an eclipse
23.gravity needs me to be felt
24.the process of eating the electromagnetic spectrum
28.what binds us together
30.comes from what's cooking in the celestial oven
32.63 moons
37.after a supernova, you can't see us at all, but you'll feel us.....
39.we are the product of powerful relationships
40.I burn!
41.right side of an HR
42.hit earth HARD!!
45.a full orbit around a star
46.mechanical solar systems
48.older stars are mostly this
49.all life before oxygen
50.Great Dark Spot
52.bright hot babies
54.a full turn onvan axis
56.the river rises, the astronomers look to the sky
57.it takes two of us to make sparks fly!
58.planet with strong greenhouse effect
2.math that greeks used to calculate ship distance to shore
3.spectrum of radiation including light
6.old cooler stars
7.Sulfuric acid atmosphere
8.moon growth
10.orbiting rocks
12.how does it look to you
13.eclipse that you shouldn't look at
16.our mobiles
18.The Red Planet
20.moon shrinkage
22.water tail, celestial body
23.eventually explode and become a black hole
25.how far is a distant star
26.telescope using mirrors
27.after a supernova, we twinkle
29.how bright is that star, really
31.telescope using bent light
33.flying rock and star dust
34.I am denser than you think
35.the top of the HR
36.temples that can tell time
38.don't get lost at sea!
43.you only see me in an eclipse
44.Johann, my man
50.after a supernova, we shine
51.pressure in a nebula pushing out
53.constellations retain thier myths
55.Charon's twin

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