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Musculo-Skeletal Pharmacology

Mrs. Eckermann, RN

Musculo-Skeletal Pharm

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1.Increases uric acid levels
5.My therapeutic properties are: antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant
7.Any medication that causes drowsiness can be an _______ potential
11.Gravy, peanuts, sausage, yeast, alcohol
12.Regulate acid base balance, osmotic pressure, cell membrane permeability, nerve conduction, muscle contractility, metabolism, O2 transport and blood clotting
13.This classification can reduce shivering to decrease oxygen demand
15.Used extensively for inflammed joints
19.The sedentary lifestyle of older post-menapausal women can contribute to
21.NSAID's and steroids have the ability to reduce ______________
23.Bonus! (Cardiac) This drug strengthens the contractile force of the myocardium, slows the heart rate and increases cardiac output!
24.Great sources of potassium
25.An anti-hyperuricemic that causes N/V, diarrhea, bone marrow suppression and requires the increase of fluid intake
26.This synthetic form of testosterone is used as a last resort due to it's side effects
2.In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties of steroids, they are also cause __________
3.Necessary for the prevention of Osteoporosis
4.Tylenol toxicity
5.Must be discontinued one week prior to surgery in order to prevent surgical blood loss
6.Steroids have the potential to cause agressive behavior changes called...
10.Treats Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
13.An antineoplastic that has been found to be excellent for RA due to it's anti-inflammatory properties
14.A reversal agent for narcotics
16.An NSAID used for acute attacks associated with joint pain
17.This opiate can reduce shivering to decrease O2 demand
18.Aspirin toxicity
20.5 times more potent than MSO4
22.Side effects of this classification are constipation, release of histamines and dizzyness

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