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Aboriginal Peoples & Torres Strait Islanders


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1.The three colours on this represent the people, the earth and the sun. (149)
5.Aboriginal people had little resistance to these which were introduced by the Europeans. (155)
6.In Aboriginal culture, the time before time, the time of ancestor spirits. (146)
7.His discovery of the east coast led to the British settling here. (154)
8.By 1900, many Aborigines of different clans were forced to live in these, away from their tribal lands. (155)
9.Commonly shared between Aboriginal clans. (151)
11.By proving his entitlement to traditional land, this man changed Australian history. (159)
13.Islands located between Qld and Papua New Guinea. (152)
15.Aboriginal peoples have this relationship with the land. (148)
17.There were 600 of these groups prior to European arrival. (150)
18.This is an oral tradition of passing on Dreamtime stories. (147)
19.Generation forcibly removed from their parents. (156)
1.Aboriginal people used this this cause land regeneration. (146)
2.These people had their land returned to them in 1972. (149)
3.Process by which relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians can improve. (144)
4.Aboriginal people are believed to have been here for 180 000 of these. (146)
7.These could involve 600-700 people meeting for several reasons. (151)
10.Aboriginal people played a significant role in this industry. (155)
11.The last of these occurred in the 1920s. (155)
12.This is different in each Aboriginal language. (150)
14.This was commonly shared between Aboriginal clans. (151)
16.An early industry in the Torres Straits. (152)

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