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Service provider crossword

Test your UPS safety knowledge

1 2
  3           4 5
8                 9        
12       13        
15     16  
  18     19  
21           22                  

3.in habit one what does it do for you in traffic
6.what to leave yourself in seeing habit four
8.what boy scouts and upsers try to be
9.how many contact points when entering or leaving the car
10.most common cause of accidents
12.sport associated with seeing habit one
14.what to make sure they do in ten point number ten
17.what seeing habit number two buys you
21.what you do with your eyes instead of staring
22.the lights you watch for in number seven of the ten point
23.count before proceeding when stopped at an intersection
24.where to look approaching intersections
25.you always do this when backing
1.what wheels you are scanning for signs of life
2.what not to do in seeing habit five
4.in habit two what do do by staying back
5.where not to cross the street in relation to the pkg car
7.you always hold on to this when entering or leaving the car
11.what to expect in habit four
13.what you get in seeing habit two
15.what you do with horn,lights,and signals in traffic
16.what you leave yourself eight to twelve seconds of in point eight
18.goes hand in hand with signal and shoulder
19.you always leave one of these when stopped at intersections
20.you look here every five to eight seconds in habit three

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