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Sophie Horvath

an enjoyable crossword full of easy to find government words.

1 2
  6   7    
        10     11          
12                   13  
14 15 16   17     18    
20             21                
22       23            

3.Quentin Bryce is the ........ ....... (2 Words)
4.This is Julia Gillards Position in Parliament (2 Words)
9.from the roof of Parliament House you can see straight to the ... ........ (2 Words)
10.he is the youngest member of parliament. (2 Words)
12.you must e..... to be able to vote
17.how many senators in each state
19.Tony Abbots leads the...
20.Tony Abbot is the ...... of the Opposition
21.Who is the Shadow Treasurer (2 Words)
22.to choose a Prime Minister you must do this
23.Blossem red is the colour of this room
24.Kevin Andrews is the Member of Parliament for this area
1.The Fountain Monument to Captian Cook is in this place (3 Words)
2.This person is the Speaker (2 Words)
3.the House of Representatives is what colour (2 Words)
5.there are this many senators in Australia (2 Words)
6.The House of Representatives is the ..... House (2 Words)
7.What colour is the Senate (2 Words)
8.Julia Gillard leads this party
11.The number of sentors in each Territory is ...
13.this attraction is like the Scienceworks of Canberra
14.this is one of the name instead of canberra. W......d
15.he sits in the big chair at the front of the House of Representatives
16.you have to vote when you are ........
18.This is the Oppositions Party

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