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Harry Potter


Epic Harry Potter Crossword!

1 2
3             4
5           6     7 8        
  9 10                 11            
13                   14                     15
      16   17          
    19             20                  
  22                     23              
24         25
26       27                     28 29
      30 31         32  
          33 34     35            
            37                         38  
    42         43  
46                                 47              
48                   49        

3.Mode of transportation created by using the portus spell.
5.Unicorn blood is this color
7.Head of the Hufflepuff House throughout the books (last name)
10.Professor Binns left his body here when he died.
11.Where Voldemort went to hide before returning to Britain
13.A small, clear orb with smoke that turns red when the holder is forgetting something.
14.Gives the drinker a powerful obsession and infatuation with the giver of the potion
17.Harry saved Ron’s life with this when Ron drank some poisoned oak-matured mead.
19.A blood-red letter with a loud message
20.Made the prophecy regarding Harry (or Neville) and Voldemort
22.Truth potion.
23.Spell used to heal minor injuries
27.Killed Rowena Ravenclaw (2 Words)
35.Ginny Weasley’s real name
37.Attack anyone/anything that gets in range of its branches (2 Words)
39.I show not your face, but your heart’s desires (3 Words)
40.Dumbledore’s initials
41.The Elixir of life was created using this. (2 Words)
45.A device used to remove light from a light source, and can later send the light back.
46.This was hidden in the golden snitch given to Harry by Dumbledore (2 Words)
47.This creature is used to find buried treasure.
48.Spell used to access passage to Honeydukes.
49.A child born to a magical parent that has no magical ability.
1.Takes on the form of the intended victims worst fear.
2.Dumbledore awards Neville this amount of points for standing up to his friends (Book 1)
4.The wife of Aragog.
5.The high school Harry was going to before getting accepted to Hogwarts
6.Sees the same thing as Harry when he looks in the mirror of erised (last name)
8.Harry looks into this basin and is able to see a young Tom Riddle
9.Left behind by Ron in an apparition test. (not how much!)
12.This is fatal to the Baslilisk. (2 Words)
15.Where the Boa constrictor going when Harry let him out at the zoo.
16.Only seen by those who have had the misfortune of witnessing death
18.This wand will never fully work for the new user unless he or she directly disarms, stuns, or kills (even in Muggle fashion) the previous master. (2 Words)
21.the band who played at the yule ball (2 Words)
24.A magical map created by Moony, padfoot, prongs, and wormtail. (2 Words)
25.Arthur Weasley calls Molly Weasley this when they are alone.
26.Allowed the death eaters to enter Hogwarts (2 Words)
28.Spell that allows caster to delve into mind of the victim
29.The fruit you had to tickle on the painting in order to enter the kitchens.
30.A large shriveled hand displayed on a cushion in Borgin and Burkes (3 Words)
31.Only takes in that which makes it stronger (2 Words)
32.Lily Potter’s maiden name
33.A tarnished tiara in the room of requirements.
34.Filled with shops devoted to the dark arts. (2 Words)
36.This character’s patronus takes the form of a horse (first name)
38.Game Ron plays in order to get to the sorcerer’s stone. (2 Words)
42.Spell that causes object to swell in size
43.Creature believed to infest mistletoe, and to be a mischievous thief.
44.Slain by Neville Longbottom using the sword of Godric Gryffindor.

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