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Sociological Perspectives Ch 1

Introduction to Sociology

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3.he held an evolutionary perspective on social order and change
6.a condition in which social control breaks down; loss of values and purpose
7.the measure of a relationship between two variables
8.thefounder of sociology
11.systematic study of human society and social interaction
13.process of movement of people into cities from rural areas
15.he said sociological inquiry helps us see "things are not what they seem"
16.these problems require solutions at the societal level (2 Words)
18.the extent to which research accurately measures what it is supposed to measure
19.low-income countries are predominantly ________________ for income
20.Steve Taylor engaged in this type of research in a coroner's office (2 Words)
21.the type of analysis used in the Symbolic Interactionist perspective
1.he used scientific methods in his study of suicide and cohesiveness
2.the type of research that focuses on data that can be measured numerically (2 Words)
3.large social group, same geographically, political authority, expectations
4.he described this reasoning as sociological imagination
5.her book focused on social distinctions based on class, race, & gender
9.coined the term "double consciousness" regarding Black/American identity
10.this perspective assumes society is a stable, orderly system
12.social networks result from a _____________ function of education
14.the most widely used research method in sociology
16.he suggested urbanization produced increased crime rate and racial & class antagonism
17.this type of income in countries that are industrialized, technologically advanced

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