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C2 Revision Crossword

Mr Little

1                       2 3     4
9       10   11   12
  13     14                
17 18                   19  

1.A type of pigment that changes colour when heated.
3.The easier to remember name for hydrated iron(III) oxide.
5.Increasing the surface area of reactants will ________ the rate of reaction.
6.The only process (used by plants) that removes CO2 from the air.
7.What reactants are changed into during a chemical reaction.
8.The glue that sticks pigment to a surface. (2 words)
9.An alloy that contains lead and tin and is used to join metals together
13.The process which is used to purify copper.
18.Problem caused by the pollutant sulfur dioxide. (2 words)
20.The part of the Earth which is solid but can 'flow'.
21.A smart alloy that changes shape when heated.
2.Speed of reaction can be increased by increasing this.
4.The type of decomposition that happens to carbonates.
10.A type of paint that uses water as the solvent.
11.Car bodies made of this don't corrode or weigh much, but are expensive.
12.About 78% of clean air is made up of this gas.
14.A mixture of solid pigment powder dispersed in a liquid.
15.A substance which speeds up a reaction without being changed itself.
16.Molten rock that does NOT reach the Earth's surface.
17.A building material made from limestone and clay.
19.The material which is added to reinforce concrete.

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