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Socialization Ch 3

Introduction to Sociology

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4.proposed that self is derived from the perceptions of others
6.these mothers and "othermothers" focus less on traditional gender in encouraging independence
8.this type of socialization involves learning skills for future roles
9.he pioneered the field of sociology
12.his theory included the effects of unresolved psychic conflicts in the unconscious
14.she argues that women use consequences to social relationships as their basis for moral reasoning
1.lifelong process, acquiring self-identity, skills needed in society
2.said the "I" develops first, then the "me" is based on attitudes and demands of others
3.this is an example of an involuntary resocialization in a "total institution"
4.these theorists suggest socialization contributes to a "false consciousness"
5.this is the most important "agent of socialization"
7.his work emphasized the development of moral reasoning
10.Mr. and Mrs. used monkeys to show effects of social isolation
11.it is the most common for of child maltreatment; failure to meet basic needs
12.racial socialization of ethnic values begins to crystallize at this age of the child
13.his theory of cognitive development emphasized specific tasks in each stage

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