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1 2 3
  4                   5
9                   10        
  13         14      
    17       18
20   21                  

4.What was the south known as?
6.Where did most of the battles take place?
7.What did the confederate soldiers end up being desperate for?
9.what was the turning point of the war?
10.The union blocked the southern ports to stop them from doing what?
11.The union cut the confederacy into two by capturing what?
13.What did the north have as an advantage?
15.What was the main reason that caused deep disagreement between the northern and southern states that led to the Civil War?
17.What month does the war end in?
21.Who was the president of the United States during the Civil war?
22.The state that succeeded because they thought because when Abe Lincoln was president ____ would end.
23.What was the confederacy called?
1.What did the confederate name there battles after?
2.What was Missouri and Maryland known as?
3.what was the general commander who commanded the confederate army ?
5.How many states seceded ?
8.What did the south do to start civil war?
12.The name of the union ridge that they fought in the battle of Gettysburg
14.What was the name of the souths capital located in Virginia?
15.What did the north want the south to abolish?
16.what was the confederacy color known as?
18.Who was the leader in the south states?
19.What was the souths most valuable product?
20.What color uniform was the northern soldiers known as?

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