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Aborigine Revision Crossword

By Bill Gao S2X

1 2 3 4
  5   6   7        

6.Another name for a Mission Station.
8.Australia is the world’s smallest what?
9.Aborigines had to marry someone of the opposite what?
11.Comes from the Latin word australis.
13.Aborigines probably migrated from Papua New Guinea and ______.
14.The border between White and Aborigine settlement.
15.By using this to burn forests, it helped regenerate and cultivate forests.
1.Aborigines made very thick coats in winter made from wallaby or ______ skin.
2.The major cause of death for Indigenous Australians after Europeans arrive.
3.The administrator or manager of a Mission Station.
4.In the great chain of being, people of black skin were just above a gorilla or _____.
5.Attached to spear to increase the speed and power when thrown.
7.Children were ______ from their Aborigine parents and were forced to live in training schools.
10.Aborigine pastime that helped develop the sport of Australian football.
12.A name for the Indigenous Australians that occupied modern day New South Wales and Victoria.

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