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Secondary Machining

Craig Midgley

General machining questions

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2.The tool to ensure holes and bores are perfect, parallel and accurate
6.The pointy tool used to mark material when marking out
7.The measuring instrument used for measuring "height"
8.Used to "turn" cylindrical shapes
9.The first drilling operation before using a twist drill
11.The milling cutter used to make slots and holes
14.The process of checking the product
15.Produces mainly flat shapes, can slot and drill also
16.The process used to make a thread
1.The measuring device used to measure hole diameter, depth and linear distances
3.The milling cutter used to profile internal and externally
4.The shape of work produced on a lathe
5.The process of marking the material before drilling
10.Used to get the finest fininsh
12.The general name for a drilling cutter
13.Produces holes

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