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Law Review Puzzle


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2.defamation or false written statement(s) that harm a person's reputation
4.party who may accept the terms in exchange for somethigng of value
6.party who provide a good, service, or fulfill an obligation
9.allows purchase without cash, has a limit on purchases, coverage on defective purchases
13.refers to a wrongful act that results in injury to another person, property,reputation, or the like, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation
16.law that requires written warranty must include specific elements
18.for this tort, the plaintiff must prove: that the "act" occured, the defendent intented to act, and that the act caused damages
19.false statement to persuade offeree
1.an agreement between two or more parties to exchange something of value
3.allows banks to ask only the essential questions about their client for fairness
5.when a person is wrongfully held against their will or detained from leaving by another individual
7.company must show that the plaintiff used the product improperly, which resulted in harm
8.a manufacturer knowingly is not truthful about the product, or knowingly omits information
9.an individual takes control of another's property
10.limited coverage by the seller
11.unwritten expectation that the product will operate under normal conditions
12.refers to one taking on unreasonable risk that results in harm to another
14.threat of physical harm or contact, the deliberate attempt to produce fear of harm or contact
15.legal responsibility by seller to repair or remedy a defective product
17.defamation or false oral statement(s) that harms a person's reputation

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