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C1a Revsion Crossword

2 3          
5   6                     7
8             9      
11             12        
13       14                  
16       17     18           19  
      22         23
        24 25                
  28 29             30                    
    31         32      
33           34        

3.A metal found in group one of the periodic table
5.Thermal ..................... is a reaction in which a substance is broken down using heat energy
8.A letter code for the elements of the periodic table
11.The .......... test is used to discover what metal is in a compound as it produces colour when in the Bunsen burner
14.A reaction that gets warmer becasue it gives off heat energy from the surroundings
15.A neutral particle found in the nucleus of an atom
16.A solid mixed evenly with a liquid with out dissolving
20.A reaction that gets colder because it takes in heat energy from the surroundings
22.A compound or a metal that is naturally occuring and which is extracted or mined
25.A reaction to which water is added
26.The delivery tube method used to collect more dense gases than air
28.The transition metals iron, cobalt and nickel are this
30.Metals like zinc in this large group in the middle of the periodic table
31.A reaction to which oxygen is added
33.The acid found in lemons and oranges
34.Iron oxide corrosion is called this
35.Substances that dissolve are called this
1.Compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are called this
2.A mixture of metals
4.A chemical reaction where a more reactive metal pushes out a less reactive metal
5.When you mix a substance with water to make it less concentrated
6.The scientific name for burning
7.An ..................... agent is a chemical that causes oxidation to happen
9.A susbatnce that is able to be burnt
10.The insoluble solid part formed during a precipitation reaction
12.The delivery tube method used to collect less dense gases than air
13.A reaction where oxygen is taken away from a substance
17.A negatively charged particle that surrounds the nucleus of an atom
18.Group 8 of the periodic table are the noble or .............. gases
19.A substance that has had its water removed
21.An element found in group seven of the periodic table including chlorine
23.A substance containing two or more elements
24.The positiviely charged particle in the nucleus of an atom
27.Substances that will not dissolve
29.The ................. number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
32.A substance that is poisonous is also called this

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