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Law Exam Review

Neysha Patel

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1.bank account that allows a customer electronic access via 1000's of machines. (two words)
6.One party imposes difficult or strenuous terms on another property (two words).
7.Depriving control or access to one's property by another person.
10.Parties discuss informally to settle disputes, no need for formal process. Binding if both parties sign.
11.Contracts that offer a one time only deal (five words)
12.Corporation dumps cleaning chemicals into a river, killing fish. (two words)
15.Judicial officer that has limited powers to set bail
16.Civil suit outcome by the plaintiff is usually for money
18.Creating an undesirable situation or environment near another person's property
22.Questions get harder and more thought provoking from teacher to student. (two words)
26.Contract begins, when one party suggests an action or product to another party.
27.if more than one person was at fault, or their actions lead to the harm suffered. (two words)
29.Contract moves toward completion when something of value is exchanged.
31.Unauthorized use of a trademark, or slogan for profit.
32.bank/company account that allows customer to purchase items, based on monthly minimum payments. (two words)
33.When two sides won't agree, both parties agree to judge. Decision is legally binding.
34.Limited coverage by the seller. (two words)
35.Two parties willingly talk, neutral party acts as referee, and decision is mutual.
2.Neutral party who negotiates a compromise between competing parties
3.Refers to a burden of proof in a civil trial, more than 50% (three words)
4.Refers to damages caused by a company's action or products (two words)
5.Covers "normal operation", unwritten expectation that the product will operate in normal conditions.(two words)
8.Harm caused by one individual, victim seeks compensation
9.Manufacturer knowingly is not truthful about the product
13.Party who will accept the terms in exchange for something of value.
14.The one who provides a good, service, or will fulfill an obligation.
17.court considers age, maturity level, education,training, common sense and norms. (two words)
19.Written, oral, or communicated warranty concerning the quality or performance of goods offered for sale. (two words)
20.One party misleads or distorts the facts to entice another property
21.seller required to back a product in normal use.
23.If one party uses a threat to push one into accepting a contract. (two words)
24.What you recieve when you graduate from law school (two words)
25.Contract moves toward completion if both parties agree to the terms.
28.Test one takes to be enrolled in a law school
29.Bank account that allows a customer to deduct payment for an item purchased electronically from the account. (two words)
30.Defamation or false oral statements that harm a person's reputation.

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