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sceince final


1 2 3
5 6                        
10   11 12    
            13 14
16                                 17

4.the temperature at which the rate of condensation equals the rate of evaporation (2 Words)
6.deepest and largest ocean on earth (2 Words)
7.moon with a thick atmosphere composed almost entirely of nitrogen and a surface containing lakes or oceans of liquid methane
9.the mass water vapor in a unit of air relative to the mass of dry air (2 Words)
15.the soft fine material that covers 40% of the ocean floor
16.air mass responsible for cool, dry air in northern summer (2 Words)
19.continental galcier is also called an (2 Words)
20.moon of jupiter and the largest moon in the solar system
21.a tidal current that flows out towards the ocean (2 Words)
23.an air mass that originates in the pacific or atlantic ocean and brings cold moist air (2 Words)
24.an instrument that measures precipitation by bouncing radio waves off rain or snow (2 Words)
1.a system that uses radio waves to determine the velocity and location of objects
2.process by which the temperature of an air mass moves over a cold surface (2 Words)
3.the amount of uniformity in the size of rock or sediment particles
4.movement of dunes (2 Words)
5.inner core chaped area of an eclipse's shadow
8.climate of a small area
10.a warm dry wind that flows down the slopes of the alps
11.prevailing winds that blow throughout the contiguous u.s.
12.narrow bands of high-speed winds that blow in the upper atmosphere (2 Words)
13.average weather conditions for an area over a long period of time (2 Words)
14.the shadow of one celestial body falls on another
17.beneath the moons crust lies a layer rich in silica, magnesium and iron
18.a hole cut in fractured weak rock along a cliff (2 Words)
22.a harmful effect of a temperture inversion

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