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Lord of the Flies


Use the clues to complete the crossword based on the novel, Lord of the Flies.

1 2 3
6                   7          
9 10                            
18                 19 20     21          
22   23            
    27     28      
30 31         32          
    34 35   36         37      
38                 39
    40               41             42
44             45        

4.Drinking water is placed in these (2 words).
6.Often successful hunting strategy (3 words).
7.What the Pig's head symbolizes.
10.Publisher of our version of the book (3 words).
12.Roger threw rocks (aiming to miss) at this boy.
13.Opposite of "chaos".
14.Sources of food on the island (3 words).
15.Elected leader; first to see the conch.
16.Boys create rules, trying to establish this on the island.
17.Where Jack's group has set up camp (2 words).
18.Ignition device.
19.Conch was used to call these.
23.Where the boys are from.
24.Nickname for the younger children.
25.First of the boys to be tied up and beaten under Jack's leadership.
26.Rolls the rock to kill Piggy.
27.Boys become afraid of different variations of this.
31.What the boys call "going to the bathroom" (2 words).
35.Boys are trapped on one of these.
37.Obsessed with hunting, paints face.
38.The heat caused these types of images to appear frequently.
40.The breakdown of their culture leads most of the boys to this.
41.Sound the conch makes.
43.Ralph gradually loses this over the other boys.
44.Jack is the only one who has one of these.
45.First to be murdered on the island.
1.Author's name.
2.Pig's head on a stick (4 words).
3.How the boys arrived on the island (2 words).
5.Mental quality distinguishing Piggy from the rest of the group.
8.Award the book received (2 words).
9.Made the dead man appear much larger.
11.How the boys recognize the smaller boy killed in the fire.
14.What the boys follow in order to kill a pig (2 words).
15.Jack is excited about them.
20.Troublesome to keep alight (2 words).
21.Jack's last name.
22.Wears "specs" and has "ass-mar".
28.Goes by, but sees no signal because there isn't one.
29.Twice, these boys are responsible for the fire going out (3-ish words).
30.Jack's hunters...in a different life.
32.Structurally weak.
33.Opposite of "order".
34.Ralph is convinced the fire is important in order to get _________________.
36.Where Ralph and Jack first meet.
39.Simon has been argued as being a symbol of this person.
42.Goes with Ralph and Jack to make sure it is, in fact, an island.

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