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Fundamentals are fun

Bernadette Gurr

Using number plates to make words and sentences

    3           4
  6       7          
9     10
11 12 13                      
16                   17  

3.GIGLZ: Little laughs.
5.2GETHA: In the company of one person or more than one person.
6.YBL8: Question you might ask someone who is not running on time.
8.111EYE: A good number plate for an optometrist.
13.K9DR: A good number plate for a vet who specialises in treating dogs.
14.XSNRG: Too much sugar gives you this.
16.NAUTY1: Someone who is mischievous.
18.PANNIX: Gets suddenly agitated and nervous.
19.EXILR8: To excite something.
20.G12AVY: A sauce to pour over cooked meat.
1.LORYDA: A car that has its suspension lowered so it is close to the ground.
2.4MYHSC: A gift to you for doing well in Year 12.
4.CUL8R: A farewell.
7.EZRYDA: A car that runs smoothly and is a pleasure to drive.
9.AXELR8: Go faster.
10.RUNVS: Question you might ask someone who is jealous.
11.PZALVA: Someone who really likes round, flat, savoury Italian pies.
12.2THDK: Something your dentist looks for.
15.LOXMYF: Someone who can change the locks on your door.
17.BNKRPT: Has no money and cannot pay debts.

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