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The Hobbit

J.R.R Tolkien

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3.Bilbo had much of this throughout the book.
4.It was what Bard used to kill the dragon.
7.These smelly creatures are the first of many problems.
10.He is the one who: was and was not there when needed, guided the way, and knew more then everyone else.
12.The first rest place that the dwaves, Bilbo and Gandalf stayed.
16.There was alot of this throught the novel, from the dwarves and the elves.
17.These two dwarves always seem to have to do stuff that Thorin tells them, because they are the youngest. They do not survive the novel. (3 Words)
18.He is one of the main characters, in fact it started at his house, with Gandalf questioning him.
19.Bilbo wishes to be here, throughout the novel.
20.He took Lonely Mountain from the dwarves and sleeps on there gold.
1.The name of the mountain, where Smaug lived, and where Thorins ancestors used to rule.
2.It's something Bilbo couldn't of lived (literally) without. (2 Words)
5.They saved; yet captured the dwarves, from Mirkwood forest.
6.One of the problems that puts them off track from there journey. They take Bilbo, the dwarves and Gandalf into a cave, causeing them to lose all there belongings.
8.He is a 'skin-changer'.
9.The city that used to reside in front of the mountain, before the dragon came.
11.He considers himself the leader of the dwarves, and he becomes very greedy when it comes to gold and silver.
13.This was why Bilbo was: so lucky in horrible situations, and was why he was even there.
14."If only he had not been killed," they all said, " we would make him a king. ______ the Dragon-shooter of the line of Girion! Alas that he is lost."
15.A creature that Bilbo had to solve riddles for to get out of a cave, this creature calls 'the ring' his Preccccios.

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