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6.Translation of "Nike!"
7.An Olympiad was a period of ________ years
8.The __________saurus had a 'sail fin' on its back
11.Gallia is now this modern European country
12.They ran in a hippodrome
15.Egyptian men and womean and Roman actors wore these on their heads
16.What did the Spartans consider to be the weapon of cowards
17.How many Fates were there
19.The famous Cleopatra's ____________ was worn around women of wealth in Egypt
21.Panto_______: actors gesture meanings to music without speech
24.this professional cleaned togas with urine and ammonia
26.A __________vore ate only plants
28.Pentathlon has this number of events
29.The bride's Knot of ____________ could only be untied by the groom
31.This flaky thin dough is part of Greek cooking
32.Gladiatorial Oath: "We who are about to die __________ you"
35.His wall was the Northernmost boundary of the Roman Empire
36."Thermopylae" is translated as 'hot _________'
37.The famous Oracle of ____________, located in Greece
38.Led a slave revolt against Rome and amassed an army of 60,000
39.What a Greek Helot was
40.Mercury used this to force snakes from fighting. Today a symbol of healing
41.Cleopatra died from the bite of an asp, a kind of ____________
42.Jurassic is a dinosaur era named after a _______________ range in Europe
43.Wine helps to __________ blood vessels, which means to widen them
1.This barbarian tribe used the recurve bow on horseback
2.The only Olympic event at the first ancient games was a sprint, called the __________
3.Your exam translation is entitled, "____________ and the Oracle"
4.The word "saur" in dinosaur means _____________
5.What Romans used for napkins
6.Mt.Vesuvius is one of these, named after Vulcan
9.Xerxes was King of this Empire that fought the Spartans
10.A gesture was made with this part of the hand by spectators at the Colisseum
13.The Greeks most important Holiday
14.'Placenta' is the Latin word for ___________
18.this professional made arrows
19.This "crow" allowed Romans to board Carthaginian ships
20."Punic" or "Phoenician" suggests this color
22.___________ Polo brought pasta back to Italy from China
23.The Colisseum could be evacuated quickly because it had 76 _________
25.The name of the famous Barbarian tomahawk
27.This country produces 20% of the world's wines
30.What Greek City State was Leonidas from
33.The Romans always dug a "fossa" around their walls
34.What Roman social class ate only white bread
37.Roman goddess of young unmarried girls, and of the hunt
40.this professional made barrels

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