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Pediatrics: Respiratory

Laureen Sharp, RN, BSN

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4.high-pitched musical squeak sound caused by narrowing of the airway
9.broken nose (2 Words)
12.Caused by Bordetella pertussis. Severe cough, especially at night. High-pitched crowing sound with each cough develops. (2 Words)
14.chronic inflammation of the tracheal-bronchial tree
15.inflammation of the bronchioles and alveoli
17.if left untreated, lung damage & CNS involvement, including tuberculosis meningitis, coma & death may result
18.Sudden Infant Death Syindrome
21.Developed in the 1940's. Incidence dropped dramatically after the introduction of this (2 Words)
22.pharyngeal tonsils
23.most serious type of croup
24.term used to represent a group of respiratory illnesses that result from inflammation & swelling of the epiglottis, larynx, trachea & bronchi. Viral or bacterial.
25.inflammation of the palatine tonsils. viral or bacterial in origin
1.most common type of croup
2.measles, mumps, chickenpox, pertussis (2 Words)
3.when the infant/toddler chokes on small objects or food
5.chronic lung disorder that affects infants with RDS in the newborn period, had mec aspiration at birth or who needed mechanical ventilation. Newborn's lungs are damaged from high ventilator pressure & O2 toxicity
6.seen in epidemics from Oct - March. Partial airway obstruction, wheezing, crackles, leading to impaired gas exhange and eventual respiratory failure
7.Inherited recessive disorder. Chronic, long-term illness. Thick, tenacious mucus obstructs all organs with mucous ducts. Primarily affect respiratory and GI systems. Predominatley in caucasian children, life expectancy is 18 years. (2 Words)
8.retention of meconioum in the GI tract, a sx of cystic fibrosis (2 Words)
10.pollution, cold air, allergies, household chemicals, vigorous exercise, infection, meds, stress
11.common tx for frequent tonsillitis (3 Words)
13.Cystic Fibrosis
16.fast, labored breathing with frequent moist cough. expiratory wheezing is common, may have inspiratory wheezing as well (2 Words)
19.used to diagnose cystic fibrosis (2 Words)

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