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Culture Ch 2

Introduction to Sociology

1 2 3
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4.culture that is abstract/intangible that influence people's behavior
6.material & nonmaterial objects passed down in a group or society
8.extensive infusion of one nation's culture into other nations
9.this is an example of a homogeneous society
11.Malinowski's emphasis on meeting needs of society is from the _____ perspective
12.a word that puts performance pressures on men
15.the ___ Project illustrates discrepancy between ideal culture & real culture
17.customs and practices that occur across all societies (2 Words)
19.Muslims are an example of this
21.cultural ____ is the belief that behaviors & customs of any culture be viewed & analyzed by the culture's own standards
23.clash of existing values, such " morality & humanitarianism" and "activity & work"
24.___ perspective suggest that the view of the Western world has become Eurocentric, rather than a view of a diversity of cultures
25.__states the popular cultural imageis is often linked to black women
1.the first on the list of Robin M. Williams, Jr's core values
2.__suggested money takes on a life of its own, become the "end" rather than merely a means
3.an example of a symbol such as pointing to one's chest as "me"
5.culture shock includes being unable to depend on _____ about life
7.practice of judging all other cultures by one's own culture
10.a group that strongly rejects dominant values & norms; seeks alternative lifestyle
12.the simulation of reality; Disneyland as temporarily empowering and idealized
13.Sapir-Whorf hypothesis suggests that this shapes a view of reality
14.norms that state what behaviors are unacceptable
16.referred to disparity between material & nonmaterial culture called "cultural lag"
18.mental acceptance or conviction that certain things are true or real
20.culture that is physical/tangible that members make, use, and share
22.__suggested that leaders use ideology to maintain their dominance

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