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Thailand - Land of Smiles


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3.Very comfortable, elegant and often expensive.
5.Thailand is located in the _________________ region of Asia.
9.The winter is very nice in Thailand because it is warm and there is little _________________. (2 Words)
10.People like _______________ in northern Thailand through the mountains.
1.When I traveled through Thailand, I stayed in ___________ because they were cheap.
2.Thailand has _________________ weather. It is hot and humid there.
4.Many people like to go ___________________________ in Thailand because the water is warm and clear. (2 Words)
6._______________ is a spicy shrimp soup. (3 Words)
7.I saw women with long necks who belong to a ______________________. (2 Words)
8._______________ is a fried noodel dish that is not spicy. (2 Words)

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