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Organizing Knowledge

Complete the crossword puzzle using the given vocabulary list.

1                   2          
7                           8

1.significant revision of an existing theory or belief system, enabling new and discrepant information to be better understood and explained (2 Words)
5.overly broad view of the objects or events that a concept includes
7.belief that is inconsistent with commonly accepted and well-validated explanations of phenomena or events
9.overly narrow view of the objects or events that a concept includes
10.integrated set of concepts and principles developed to explain a particular phenomenon
11.schema that involves a predictable sequence of events related to a common activity
2.class in which teachers and students actively and collaboratively work to create a body of knowledge and help one another learn (3 Words)
3.a physical or symbolic representation of a phenomenon that depicts its key components and important interrelationships
4.general, culturally based set of assumptions about reality that influence understandings of a wide variety of phenomena
6.tightly organized set of facts about a specific topic
8.mental groupings of objects or events that have something in common

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