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People of the European Whirl

Ashley D. Best

Use the names of the people on tour to fill in this crossword. Almost every person is on here, and most people are befriended on facebook if you get stuck! When finished use the highlighted boxes to gather a group of letters that can be unscrambled to form a direction towards "Phase 3". (nick-names are used for some people)

1 2       3        
4   5 6     7  
12     13          
15 16 17     18      
    19                   20  
      23           24
25       26      
27         28       29         30 31  
  36           37      
38         39

1.Half of a strange travel buddy pair
3.Worst laugh ever!
6.Recently Engaged.
9.Shared some of our more romantic moments with us
10.Cute, but difficult to talk to.
12.Got to be the first to kiss ma mannn!
13.The one who brought us together, awwwee
18.Should have probably packed more than cardigans
19.Peeks in on you
20.Who else would fit here??
21.Had a very rare kind of tattoo that was easy to see but hard to notice.
22.Got over the experimental stage on tour!
23.Recently moved in to a new house in London
26.Almost fell asleep on my shoulder
27.Almost received a cute little gift on a special day
29.Used to work at the Florence bar
32.Very classy with relations to a very UNclassy person
34.Has a photo I was mentioning last week
35.Your "less cool" double.
36.Yours truly
37.Was in a bus accident
38.The biggest guy magnet on the trip!
40.Don't even get me started....
41.Only person to pretty well resurrect from the "dead".
42.Plays in a band
43.Red Lipstick
2.Hooked up with a Canadian
4.Also cute, but difficult to talk to!
5.Next to the bus ride with you, shared my other favourite bus ride
7.Has a very silly last name!
8.Seemed very very very shy!
11.Good thing he was blindfolded or he would have seen her write this...
14.Canada's closest neighbour on tour
15.One of your loyal kids
16.Wasn't homosexual yet got put in those shoes
17.Still hasn't uploaded their photos yet
18.One of the happiest on tour, I thought!
19.Closest person to us on the tour
21.I don't know how they kiss those teeth!
23.One of the people who were In Love on tour but in an odd way
25.Had an interesting orgy on tour...
28.Shiny purple track suit.
30."With a name like _____ California, the day was gonna....."
31.Only other guy on tour that I "kissed"
33.Got very homesick
34.Don't think I talked to her once on the trip!
39.Nice... but you never wanted to get to close..

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