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Unlock your Cranial Vault! Neuro Basics

By Jo-Ann Fernando

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1.Cranial crossing over occurs here
7.Pupil shape that may indicate early compression of CN III
9.Seizures typically characterized by bilateral rythmic movements
10.____________-Munroe Hypothesis
13.These nerves are responsible for taking impulses to and from the spinal cord
14.CSF drainage from the nose
16.This test involves instilling water into the external auditory canal
18.Interpretation of touch, pressure and pain occurs in this lobe
22.CSF drainage from the ears
23.Test that records "brain waves" or the absence of (abbrev.)
25.Arousal + Awareness =
29.Injury to the lower pons could result in an ______________ respiratory pattern
31.Tangled masses of blood vessels between arteries and veins (abbrev.)
32.Consists of 2 hemispheres
33.This is often lost at 30 - 35 mmHG
34.In Latin, means "tender mother" (2 wrds)
38.Serves as the "shock absorber" for the brain and spinal cord (2 wrds)
40.Contains the Frontal, Parietal, Occiptal and Temporal Lobe
42.The ability to stick one's tongue straight out tests the__________ nerve
43.These nerves are responsible for taking impulses to and from the brain
46.Hypertension, Bradycardia and Irregular breathing pattern (2 wrds)
48.Plays a role in temperature regulation as well as regulation of food and water intake
49.Contains the midbrain, pons, medulla
50.v(brain) + v ( CSF) + v(Blood) = _________ (2 wrds)
1.Osmotic Diuretic (generic)
2.Lobe responsible for cognitive function
3.Lobe that is concerned with interpretation of visual stimuli
4.Damage to this area can result in receptive aphasia
5.Hold your breath maneuver
6.These often occur at the Circle of Willis
8._________Coma Scale
11.This artery supplies most of the blood to the dura mater (abbrev.)
12.Cranial Nerve that allows you to cry
15.Also known as Broca's Aphasia
17.Could occur 4-14 days post SAH
19.Smudged mascara or a sign of a basil skull fracture
20.The Vagus helps to control the ________reflex
21.Separates the CSF from the circulating blood (3 words)
24.Hematoma that may result in a brief period of unconsciousness followed by a relatively short period of lucidity
26.The use of hyperventilation to control ICP is considered _____________
27.Type of noxious stimuli that should be avoided in patients with head injuries or facial surgery (2 wrds)
28."Doctor, I smell burnt toast" Sensory seizures usually occur in this lobe
30.Hemorrhage that results in the "worst headache of one's life"
35.Often called a "mini stroke" (abbrev)
36.Gas that is considered a potent vasoactive substance (2 wrds)
37.Hematoma of Venous Origins
39.In an acute subdural hematoma, blood collects beneath the _________
41.Foramen _______________
43.Downward Transtentorial Herniation
44.The ___________cerebri seprates the two hemispheres of the brain
45.Serves as a relay station in the brain
47.So demanding! Organ that makes up only 2% of body weight but requires approximately 20% of cardiac output

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