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Motivation and Emotion/ Chapter 8

Sabrina Lloyd/Blanca

This puzzle is for our Intro to Psych class. It focuses on the different psychological emotions and motivations that humans experience and why.

1 2 3 4   5        
  10   11    
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    15               16      
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  32                           33      

4.20% above the average weight vs. height.
6.Adultery (2 Words)
8.Piont at which egg is released
9.Two of the first researchers to explore the ' Theory of Emotion'.
13.Motivattonal tension or arousal.
14.Sexual attraction/ behavior directed to the opposite sex
15.Male sex hormones.
18.Researchers that suggested an alternative view to the ' James-Lange Theory'.
21.Activation of nerve impulses that make the face display the appropriate expression. (2 Words)
27.Class of female sex hormones.
28.(Theory) A product of people's thoughts and expectations.
29.Directs and energizes the behaviors of humans.
30.Person believing they were born in the wrong gender body.
31.(Theory) Desire to obtain valued external goals- 3 words.
32.Its ok for males to do this but not for females. (2 Words)
33.Drive to obtain basic biological requirements (ie: thirst drive)
1.The body strives to maintain this level. (3 Words)
2.To maintain certain levels of stimulation and activity.
3.Reflects emotional experience; Determines how people experience and label emotions. (3 Words)
5.Feelings that have both physiological and cognitive elements.
7.Same sex attraction.
10.To seek impact, control, or influence over others. (3 Words)
11.Striving for and attaining a level of excellence. (3 Words)
12.Focuses on the role of cognition (theory).
16.State of self fullfilment, realizing ones highest potencial. (2 Words)
17.Interest in establishing and maintaining relationships with others. (3 Words)
19.People refuse to eat while denying thier appearance is unusual (2 Words)
20.Sexual self-stimulation.
22.Same sex and opposite sex attraction
23.Female sex hormone
24.Binges on large quantities of food then purging it, vomiting.
25.Rate at which food is converted into energy
26.Inborn patterns of behavior; not learned.

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